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Intermodal Transportation is a changing and at a rapid pace, creating new challenges for your business. With us as your Transportation partner in Chicago, we can help you navigate all of the many intricacies that exist in the Chicago Intermodal marketplace.

Import and export containers require extremely time sensitive duties. That is why we have spent the past year seeking, installing and implementing the latest technology to help us track and trace all of our equipment.

At Transportation Inc., we work hard around the clock to make sure that crucial cut-off times are never missed. We continually monitor intermodal containers from the time we receive a dispatch or delivery order to the time the container is terminated at its final destination.

This understanding is what helps us minimize costly rail demurrage and steamship line per-diem charges. It is also what allows us to surpass our competition.

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The Industry Standard

Industry-standard Intermodal containers are used to transport your goods across all modes of intermodal freight transport, which eliminates the need to handle any of its contents – meaning that evidence of tampering is obvious upon arrival. Each individual container is treated as a singular unit during the shipping process, which reduces excessive handling and decreases the risk of damage to your product.

Better Tech. Better Service.

We’re constantly researching, installing, and utilizing the latest tracking technology and equipment to serve you better. So what does this mean for you? Email notifications when shipping events occur, P.O.D.s and B.O.L.s within 24 hours, and more ways to keep you in the know about your cargo.

Fuel Efficiency

When using intermodal transport, we optimize time and costs to maximize fuel efficiency and lower costs. It’s more environmentally friendly than additional shipping methods that rely on long-distance trucking – even if it does require drayage capacity briefly at the beginning and end of the shipping process.

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