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Transportation Incorporated installs the latest tracking technology into all of our trucks and chassis. This, along with our top-line logistics practices allow customers to have control over their shipments, and allows us to deliver goods quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Transportation Inc is a locally owned and operated transportation company located near Chicago, IL. We have over 15 years of intermodal transportation experience and can help you navigate the often-complicated logistics of containerized freight moving through Chicago. We have the strategic location advantage as a hub for highway and rail transportation with secure staging areas in Channahon, Harvey, and Bedford Park. Because of our many years of experience, we can help you navigate your way through complex rail systems of Chicago. We can even give you suggestions on how to move your freight while decreasing your freight costs.

We have installed the latest in technology in all of our trucks and intermodal chassis which gives us accurate up to the minute details of its current location at any given time. We also utilize proprietary dispatch software which automatically updates us on the movement of your valued cargo while moving through the various rail systems. Our software also allows us quick insight if we are nearing a last free date or if we are approaching steamship line per-diem. This allows us to quickly communicate to our customers and helps everyone avoid costly assessorial charges. We also have onsite mechanics inspecting all intermodal containers coming and going to help prevent unwanted breakdowns that lead to costly delays. If a problem is suspected, we immediately address it.

Our goal is to make sure we deliver for you, and we are your trucking partner in Chicago.

We can help:

  • Track and Trace Equipment
  • Customize the Reports YOU Need
  • Provide Automatic Email Notifications as Events Occur
  • Provide P.O.Ds or B.O.L.s within 24hrs

We’re small enough to be reachable by phone, but big enough to get you where you need to go. We can save you money and provide you with excellent customer service.

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Our proprietary dispatch software allows us to send automatic email notifications instantaneously as events occur. It also enables us to customize individual reports specified to your needs. This includes helping you provide P.O.D.s and B.O.L.s within 24 hours for your convenience.

Reducing Risks

Transportation Inc prioritizes the security of your shipments. Only authorized vehicles are allowed into our fenced and gated facility. We have 24-hour surveillance and overnight guards on-duty. All containers are checked to make sure they have the proper tamper-evident seals intact, thus virtually eliminated the risk of theft and tampering is obvious upon arrival. Our increased security gives our customers peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

Our tracking technology not only allows us to track all of our equipment, but smarter logistics helps us use less fuel, making our services more affordable for you and better for the environment! Intermodal shipping is more environmentally friendly than additional shipping methods that rely on long-distance trucking – even if it does require drayage capacity briefly at the beginning and end of the shipping process.

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